The journey begins here.

Students who enroll at Riverview are gentle, friendly, kind, and naive with complex learning challenges. They thrive here as they experience various adolescent and young adult academic, extra-curricular, and social pursuits.

Riverview students have life-changing experiences in an environment that is designed to embrace them completely. They make friends. They gain a deep feeling of connection to others. Self-esteem flourishes. Students become resilient and redefine themselves. They come into their own.

At Riverview School, we believe in each child’s potential. Riverview is a place where students belong, and where they develop the tools and skills necessary to become all they can be.

Riverview has a long standing commitment to neurodiversity and continues to enroll students who are neurodivergent. Our curriculum supports a variety of children and young adults who learn differently.

Is Riverview the right fit?

Finding the Right Fit

Riverview School places a great deal of importance on the appropriateness of a candidate’s total application, the number of openings in each grade and dorm, and in ensuring a good fit between the applicant and students who are currently enrolled.

Riverview has a long standing commitment to neurodiversity and continues to enroll students who are neurodivergent. Our curriculum supports a variety of children and young adults who learn differently.

If your child meets the following criteria, they may be a candidate for Riverview:

  • Is described as gentle, friendly, kind, and naive

  • Diagnosed language, learning and cognitive disabilities

  • Desires to make friends and is interested in forming relationships with others

  • Seeks social and extracurriculuar opportunities such as playing on sports teams, attending dances, participating in drama, music, art and student government

  • Responds well to a structured, supportive, predictable environment

  • Capable of greater success in the academic environment

  • Has mastered basic daily living skills and personal hygiene and self-care

  • Mild medical issues that complicate—but not compromise—daily activities

  • IQ and Achievement scores between 65–90 or functional abilities within that range (many times there is great variability)

Please Note: Students demonstrating a history of emotional, behavioral, psychiatric disorders, or requiring a therapeutic environment, are not able to be considered.

If you feel Riverview may be appropriate for your child, please fill out the inquiry form or call us with any questions you may have.

Our Commitment

Riverview School, an independent coeducational boarding/day school, provides a caring community for adolescents and young adults with complex language, learning and cognitive disabilities. The School is committed to developing student competence and confidence in academic, social and independent living skills.

Riverview School values each student as an individual and acknowledges the importance of students having a voice in the development of their goals, program, and instruction. Families likewise play a crucial role, particularly in supporting students who need assistance in expressing their needs, desires, and preferences. Consistent with Riverview’s mission and whole person philosophy, the School is committed to offering interventions and identifying strengths that empower students to increase their skills in the core competencies of education, social /emotional, independent living, wellness, and vocational readiness. The overall goal is for the Riverview’s graduates to possess the skills that will offer the highest degree of access to a fulfilling life. Riverview strives to individualize programming, to be sensitive to student and family wishes when possible, and to offer reasonable accommodations that coincide with its overall approach, philosophy, and program. Riverview also recognizes its role in promoting acceptance and building awareness of the valuable contributions people with unique needs can make to the greater community.

The Whole Student Philosophy of Riverview School

Riverview School believes that students with learning differences are capable of remarkable growth. The School’s integrated approach to academic instruction, social emotional development, independent living skills, vocational readiness and wellness provide the foundational components that promote whole student growth. Riverview exists to empower students to maximize their potential and prepare them for lives of purpose, happiness and independence.


…in the Importance of Community

  • Each student deserves to be respected, valued and celebrated for who they are.

  • Parents are integral members of the Riverview team. Open communication and strong partnerships between parents and the School are critical to student success.

  • Riverview’s greatest asset is its dedicated and passionate staff who share a commitment to the School’s belief.

…in the Influence of Culture

  • Students thrive in a culture where they feel safe and are inspired to try new things, develop strengths, discover passions and awaken talents.

  • Students experience the satisfaction of reaching high expectations when goals are individualized and continually reassessed.

  • Diversity enriches the Riverview community and prepares students as citizens of an increasingly diverse world.

…in the Impact of Integration

  • Healthy relationships are a foundational component of success and happiness; therefore, social skills teaching is embedded in all aspects of programming.

  • Current research-based methods best prepare our students to be productive citizens in a complex and changing world.

  • The synthesis of academic instruction and residential programming reinforces skills and enhances learning. Linking instruction, enrichment programming, and community-based experiences provide authentic opportunities for students to practice and apply skills.

Riverview School's Commitment to Diversity, Equality, Inclusiveness and Accessibility (DEIA):

Riverview School is a community that values and celebrates diversity as essential to the experience of our students, staff and community. We embrace and respect differences, including but not limited to: race, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, cultural heritage, educational background, and of course learning styles. As a community that aspires to reflect and prepare our students for the increasingly diverse world, Riverview supports and nurtures the whole child and their full identity.

Over 60 years of success

Our Story

Riverview School was founded in 1957 by Mr. William Janse, a visionary educator who believed that students with learning challenges could realize their potential. He and his partner, Mr. Burgess Butler, opened a summer camp on a 5-acre tract that was later expanded into the present 23-acre campus. The camp was so successful that it evolved into a school established under its original name, Hopefields School.

During the late 1960s, Riverview established a long-term relationship with the Learning Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Groundbreaking work in tailored academic programming and social skill building for individuals with disabilities was developed on Riverview’s campus.

Over the ensuing decades, programs to facilitate independent living skills for our students have included the initiation of a transition program (for students ages 17–21), Getting Ready for the Outside World (GROW). The program formed an alliance with Cape Cod Community College to offer a college experience to students. Our music, arts, dance, and drama programming has also been greatly expanded to demonstrate our commitment to developing the whole student.

Today, we serve students ages 11 to 21 with language, learning and intellectual disabilities from across the country and across the globe as well as the Cape Cod community.

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